What makes Securtree© unique

Securtree© is a platform to automatically support the entire process from risk analysis to implementation of security measures and to digitally record the results in a well-arranged manner.

Security assessment is automatically generated from the threat assessment. As an instrument, Securtree© makes a global assessment of the mix of security measures that can be used to eliminate all or part of the threat. This mix comprises the combination of organizational, architectural, electronic and reactive measures, which collectively tackle a specific threat. The gravity of the threat determines the gravity of the measure to be taken. This way you get the best guarantee that you link the right measure to the risk that you run. And with that you prevent that your organization is over- or under-protected.

After entering what is in place in the existing situation, Securtree© generates an overview of the deviations between existing and desired and thus provides insight into what the organization still has to do. to cover the risks it runs.