Extra large



≤ 10

€ 60


€ 55


€ 50


In consultation

* All prices are per location per month and excluding VAT

The following functionalities are standard part of Securtree©

  • Risk analysis per location

  • Security advice per location (SOLL situation)

  • Existing security measures per location (IST situation)

  • Difference analysis per location

  • Risk strategy per threat per location

  • Residual risks and risk acceptations per location

  • Measures per mitigating risk per location

  • Improvement plan per location

  • Security plan per location

One-off costs

Generic threat profile and Program of Requirements

Specific threat profile and Program of Requirements

Start-up costs and application design including use of generic profiles

€ 3.500 excluding VAT

Start-up costs and design of application per specific profile

€ 2.500 excluding VAT

Application management and technical management

Application management and technical management are always included in the periodic costs.

  • Application management: maintaining the application, including managing and changing (updates and upgrades) of the application

  • Technical management: maintaining, managing and maintaining the IT infrastructure on which the application is running

Optional additional management costs: Price per location in consultation

  • Authorization management: creating and managing users and their rights, 3 users are included as standard.

  • Functional management: setting up and managing the organization, locations and threat profiles and Programs of Requirements

Training (based on a location in the Netherlands)

Training Physical Security Control Framework

Userstraining Securtree©

Managerstraining Securtree©

€ 1.000 excluding VAT per user to be trained

€ 500 excluding VAT per user to be trained

€ 1.000 excluding VAT per manager to be trained