How the drafting of
security advice works

Step 1
Determine the characteristics of the building
The extent to which a building must be protected depends on the extent to which the location is attractive for an offender to achieve its goal and how high the impact of a threat is on the organization. When determining the characteristics of the building, the processes, information, possessions and people in the building are considered. These form the basis for determining the height of the threats for that building.
Step 2
Discuss the threats

Estimate per threat the attractiveness for a perpetrator and the importance of a risk for the organization. Take into account the specific characteristics of the location such as the location and incidents that have occurred in the past. Discuss the height of the risks with the stakeholders within the organization.

Step 3
Process the results in the Securtree© 

Process the results of the risk analysis in the Securtree©. This automatically leads to a comprehensive, standardized security advice for the location.

Step 4
Determine whether the measures are adequate
or adjust them

View the standard advice and determine whether the automatically generated advice is sufficient or whether adjustment is desirable. Determine whether a lower or higher security measure is required for this location.


Risk analysis and security advice
for the location