from risks to measures

The application with which organizations gain insight into the status of physical security so the right decisions can be made and risks are manageable 

How simple it works

Determine the

Use the threat profile to determine how high the risks for a location are estimated and enter the results in Securtree©.

Check the

Securtree© automatically provides the security advice that fits the risks for the location. Adjust the advice if necessary.

Map the existing situation

Investigate which security measures have already been taken and enter the results of that investigation into Securtree©.

Assess the (residual) risks

Securtree© indicates which risks are not yet sufficiently covered. Choose whether this is acceptable or whether improvements are needed.

View the improvements

The improvements are clearly displayed. Determine per measure whether, by whom and when it must be implemented.

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Physical threats
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Security measures
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Infinite number of locations

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    The question that lives in every organization is which security measures are needed and whether the correct measures have been taken to secure a location.

    Securtree© answers those questions. Not by putting the security measures at the center, but by reasoning from the threats that exist for a location.

    This creates a balanced package of measures to implement and maintain to keep the unacceptable risks manageable. Not only per location but also across all locations.


    By looking at the causes (the threats) and by working based on established threat profiles and programs of requirements, the correct combination of security measures for a location is automatically visible. 

    The measures to be implemented are a consequence of the threats that are recognized.

    Of course the standard can always be deviated from on the basis of professional judgement. After all, the aim is to cover the risks and not just to take security measures.


    Securtree© is the Physical Security Management Platform (PSMP) in which the risk analyzes and security plans for all locations are recorded so that it is clear which security measures are required and whether the correct measures have been taken. Securtree© answers the question of whether the unacceptable risks are sufficiently manageable and that in a fully automated manner.


    With Securtree © a risk analysis per location can be made in a short time


    A standard security advice is generated automatically


    The method and the output is comparable for all locations



    The mix of measures is not subject to individual emotions and insights


    The advice can be adapted to the specific risks of a location


    Choices made are documented, traceable, verifiable and auditable

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    Securtree © is offered to you by

    Securtree© was developed by RisicoRegisseurs because we see many organizations struggle with the same questions:

    • How do I know which risks my organization is facing?
    • How do I quickly gain insight into the measures that I can take in return?
    • How do I keep the data about the security well organized?

    In practice a lot of work is done with all sorts of loose Word documents and Excel sheets that are hardly manageable. We thought it had to be done differently and we realized that by developing Securtree©.