Generic or specific threat profile and Program of Requirements

The challenges that organizations face when it comes to security are the questions of which threats should all be taken into account and what security measures can then be taken to make those threats manageable. A major advantage of Securtreeu00a9 is that these challenges have already been met. The platform has a generic threat profile and Program of Requirements that can be used or adapted directly.

Does the organization opt for customized solutions? Then she no longer has to think about the threats and measures from a blank canvas, but gets immediate insight into the most common threats and the most suitable security measures. The generic threat profile and Program of Requirements can easily be adapted to the organization. And for every organization that likes to make use of its own, specific threat profile and Program of Requirements, the platform offers the possibility of entering matters in a simple way so that the approach to physical security can be started quickly.

Threat profile

The generic threat profile that Securtree© takes as its starting point describes the most common combinations of threats, perpetrators and means of attack against which most organizations want to protect themselves. That way you can get started right away with estimating the most common risks for a location.

The generic threat profile is a standard part of Securtree©. This generic threat profile can be used, but it is certainly possible to set up Securtree© on the basis of a specific threat profile that fits the specific threats for the organization. The generic threat profile can of course also be used as a basis for drawing up your own, organization-specific, threat profile.

Program of Requirements

And the same applies to the Program of Requirements. A generic Program of Requirements is available, which is a standard part of Securtree©. Based on the generic Program of Requirements, Securtree© selects the security measures best suited to the threat. In this way a standardized, complete and automated security advice is quickly developed that fits the threats with regard to a location.

But setting up a Program of Requirements specifically tailored to an organization is certainly possible. Just as with the threat profile, the generic Program of Requirements can also be used to draw up an own, organization-specific Program of Requirements.